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If you disagree on faith, you will disagree on most important things. Will you ever be perfect? The goal is count the cost of marriage and make sure you understand the weight of covenant. Do you understand what lifetime commitment really means? You will never be fully ready for marriage — no amount of how-tos or tips will prepare you — but you can count the cost. We could have never found the right house without a team of advisors: They poked and prodded at the home and paperwork with a common goal in mind: This guarded us from getting fixated on the external qualities of the home whilst missing bigger underlying problems.

Then this is just as crucial , listen! Make sure to get Bible-based advice. Once we found a home we liked, we had to look closer. Surface attributes bedrooms, baths, price, layout, etc can be quickly confirmed, but we had to check the structure of the house before pursuing further. The most costly issues in home purchases involve its foundation, wiring, and structure. Nobody wants a house that will collapse or burn down! Your marriage must have a strong foundation, and the only strong foundation is Christ.

Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon have been together for 31 years and they have no plans to get married. Gervais has stated, "there's no point in us having an actual ceremony before the eyes of God because there is no God. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt were together for 18 years, from until They had no children, but they are animal advocates and they have adopted a dog together.

Especially in the West where grandparents don't often get involved with the rearing of the child. Also, less children mean more resources to spend on the children. Children are fucking expensive, and it's better to give one or two kids everything they could want rather than struggle to keep up with four or five.

It's not impossible to have kids after 30 without intervention. Kids born to older woman there does have to be a limit though, let's put the cap on 33 at the latest do show signs of being more emotionally stable. Women don't need to "have their s together" unless they're single mothers. All they have to do is find a man with the resources necessary to support a family. If you're gonna say kids born to older mothers are more emotionally stable than ones born to younger mums, please link the research. I'd rather have five healthy kids than one kid with Down's Syndrome or low functioning autism.

You're pretty much saying that someone who has more than 1 or 2 kids can never raise them to be good human beings. The myth that "children are soooo expensive" is just that - a myth.

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What's more, many countries actually pay you to have children. Schools in most Western countries are free. A 22 year old girl posting constantly on social media, wanting to get drunk with her friends, and too emotionally immature to not cause fights all the time isn't going to be a good mom. You realize it's not just about getting the resources necessary to support a family, right? You have to know what the heck to do with those resources in the first place. And no, even SAHMs can be terrible mothers at young ages simply because of lack of life experience.

Even marrying a billionaire isn't going to change that. I feel like the debate has changed to number of kids vs. If we're talking about number of kids, then yes, women who begin to have children at 20 can happily pop out one every two years before hitting the wall on her 30th birthday. If we're talking about quality on the other hand, then the less number of kids you have, then the more resources you have on hand to spend on them.

Never will I ever say that women who have more than one or two kids can never raise them well, there are many women on this sub who do exactly that! But, I don't think even they will disagree with me when I say that taking two kids on regular vacations is much cheaper than taking five kids on regular vacations. Speaking from my own personal experience as well, people with more than three kids struggle to divide the resources between five demanding children.

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And families with less children have more money and more time to allow the kids to explore themselves. And no, children being expensive is not a myth, even in Western countries where you are subsidized for popping out human resource. But that's the thing, it's one thing to pop out babies, it's another to develop all ten into amazing human resource.

If you have a thing against 30, then fine. But it is essential that women get some life experience before having children. Also I don't know any 20 year olds who are completely financially independent and debt free. Because having kids while swimming in debt is so, so fun, isn't it? And the excuse "she can just lock down a beta provider" doesn't work with me, because then she has to be the one to inculcate good values and work ethics into her kids. A year of steady dating is enough to know someone well and get engaged, but probably two is safer.

I've sort of noticed I've never gotten past two years of an LTR because if it never got to the marriage stage by then I called it quits, usually because we realized we weren't right for each other in the end. Our courtship length was 14 months total. But, back when I was 28, I had my stuff together, I knew exactly who I was, exactly what I wanted, and went after it without looking back.

I've never taken long to decide how far I'd be willing to go with someone, but I want to know that my partner is committed, adaptable, and capable of personal growth. Those things are harder to assess when you're young! I don't have an upper cap I don't want kids so marriage isn't urgent, but I want to get married before 30 , but after a couple of years if it's not something that's been discussed This can vary from months to years depending on the couple.

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I screwed up and waited to long on a man. He led me to believe we would go further and but it never happened. He was jaded from his previous marriage and I paid the price of trying to meet his unrealistic expectations. I honestly don't think he would have ever left me, he would just hang on while I never could seem to prove myself. Stupid on my part. I should have stayed gone the first time I left him. He would come begging to get back with me and I would hope things would be different. It never changed, same crap different day.

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Things would be better if I would just do this, change that, stop doing this I am beyond grateful that we didn't marry. I realize how unhappy I was and the damage it caused me.

If you google "emotional manipulation" you would see his full description. I think it depends on the couple's view of divorce is divorce an actual option. If divorce isn't an option, I think engagement somewhere between 6 months and a year is reasonable, married about a year later. If it is, then at least 3 years Do note I came from a culture of people dating for the sole purpose of getting married and puts finances etc at the forefront before ever meeting the person for the first time.

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When it comes to how long to date, in my eyes there is no maximum. Some people don't even want to get married, so they'll just date forever. However, I think that dating less than a year before being engaged is too short.

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It doesn't give you enough time to accurately get to know someone well enough to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Engagements should take however long it takes to plan a wedding and get your lives in order. That could be a few months or a few years, all depending on what needs to happen before the two become one.