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If two people swipe right on one another, they are matched up and can message each other. The next most popular method of online dating involves dating sites like OkCupid and Match. These are dating sites that allow users to create a profile and get matched up with compatible people—pretty simple stuff here. Finally, social media can be an innocuous-seeming avenue for romantic hookups—the unprecedented ability to communicate online, exchange pictures and files, and arrange meetings can lead to the same results as Tinder, Skout, or a dating website.

First, realize that, yes—unsupervised online dating is a bad idea for young teens, and they need you to help keep them safe. This is the attitude you should take. But if you barge, screaming, into their room, belt in hand, your teen is just going to start hiding their activities from you.

Help your teen to understand how easy it is for someone to misrepresent themselves online. Above all, let your teen know that you understand him or her. The next step for protecting your teen from the dangers of online dating is to ensure the protection of their privacy.

Are they sending pictures with geographically identifying information? Are they sending birth dates and school names?

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Your teen may not like it, but you need to take an active hand in protecting their online privacy by periodically checking into their online activity, at least until they understand the risks at hand. Do this by asking your teen to show you around their online activity. Remember—everything, every app, and every web browser has a history. A quick Google search can reveal how to check it.

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The younger you are, the more you believe that you know—this is especially true for teens. They think they know the risks. They think they know all the potential pitfalls.

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With just a little geographical information, for example, a person can meet your teen outside of their home or school—unexpectedly. Although this is uncommon, warn your teen about the dangers of online predators. Warn them, also, about the social risks of revealing compromising information or photos. Is your teen ready for the social fallout when that scantily-clad photo of him or her is shown around?

Simply bringing this little fact up could be one of the best deterrents to such behavior. An online romance can certainly be innocent.

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For that reason, many parents prefer their teen to engage in online dating. Teens may also get tricked into giving out personal information that could lead to their identities being stolen. Or, in more serious cases, they may be lured into in-person meetings that could be dangerous. A person who claims to be a year-old football star in a neighboring town may actually be an adult looking to prey on an unsuspecting teenager.

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Sadly, most teens believe that such deceit could never happen to them. Teens are using many of the same dating sites as adults. Apps like Tinder , for example, allow minors to access their site. As a result, teens are often getting into conversations with grown-ups who are looking for romance. While a year-old teen may think to talk to a year-old is "cool," a romantic relationship with such an age difference can have serious emotional—and even legal—consequences. A teen with a boyfriend in another state may decide to forgo social events, like a dance or a party because she wants to stay home to chat with her boyfriend online.

Online dating also poses some of the same risks as in-person dating. Teens may be subjected to emotional abuse from a romantic partner on the other side of the globe. Talk to teens about the realities of online dating.

Many blogs and teen magazines tout the benefits of finding love online. But teens need to know about the dark side of online dating too. Teens who have social media accounts will likely make online friendships that could turn to romance. Discuss safety issues and establish clear social media strategies and online rules.