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Have you tried to create a Facebook profile for your feline, but the social network wouldn't allow it? There's Catbook, an app that enables you to build and maintain a social media profile just for your beloved pet.

The app even creates a timeline for your four-legged companion just like your own profile. Founded in , Catster , bills itself as "a resource for real cat owners who passionately argue the merits of catnip at dinner.

There was one category left off the list, however: Here are 7 new specific dating sites just for you. Okay, well, maybe there are more photos of single people with their pooches, but really, that's about it.


When you register a profile, Animal Attraction gives a buck to the charity of your choice. The more you log in to their site, the more money they donate.

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From the Web site's copy: If you have the greatest pet in the world and the only thing missing is the love of your life, Animal People Personals can help connect you to others just like you. You don't have to have a pet, just a desire to connect with other animal lovers. According to their homepage copy, they run 4, Web sites, all for dating.

‘Tag a Cat’ Is Basically Tinder For Cat Lovers

Other than that, I don't see anything special for pet owners. Check out the special features this site offers: Here's another site that's part of a larger network.

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Also unlike Dog Gone Singles, this one looks really good!