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By the end of this decade, Chinese researchers estimate, the country will have a surplus of 24 million unmarried men. In an effort to find mates for the surplus population of bachelors, the government has established matchmaking services in cooperation with women's federations, trade unions and other organizations. As part of the arrangement women are allowed to go through all the files of male candidates while male are only allowed to go through files selected for them.

An introduction is made if a couple thinks they might be compatible. Many dating services allow customers to flip through binders with photographs and descriptions of possible mates. Computer dating first appeared in Beijing in Traditional marriage brokers and government-sponsored computer dating services complain they have too few women.


As of November , 40 million messages had been sent on the Momo dating service which began operating in Bloomberg News, May 31, ]. As he talked about the kind of girl he wanted -- 24 to 28 years old and 1.

New guidelines target marital fraud and matchmaking crimes

In May , Bloomberg reported: When I see someone I think my daughter may like, I approach him for his contact. In Shanghai the number of couples tying the knot in the first four months of the year fell 10 percent to 41,, according to the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. Registrations for are forecast to fall to , pairs.

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Better education has given more women the desire to choose their own partner, said Juemin Zhou, director of the Shanghai Matchmaking Trade Association, the main organizer of the event. About 2, couples were successfully matched at the mass dating event, according to Zhou. In , parents studied profiles of single men and women in dozens of matchmaking booths around the park, one decorated with pink feather boas. A typical poster read: Many in the crowd are from other parts of China, a reflection of how Shanghai and other urban centers are making up for the decline in births. In early April, the committee issued new university guidelines for mental health education, including relationship issues.

Sex and Dating

Aimed at preventing psychological problems from turning into tragedies, the courses are designed to address common problems such as breakups and same-sex love. Originally intended as an optional course, it is now considered a compulsory one. Xia Cuicui, a teacher with the Psychological Consulting Center of Beijing Normal University, says around 15 percent of the students who turn to the counselors every year, seek help with relationship problems.

Xia says the real number of troubled students could be much higher as a number of students hesitate to approach the counselors, grappling with their pain alone, with disastrous consequences in some cases. She recalls the case of an academically gifted girl who, despite a host of pursuers, chose an average boy. She told Xia she did a lot for him, even helping him with school work, but the boy broke up with her a year later.

Xia advised the girl to take setbacks in love in stride, and as a normal part of maturing. The teacher, who has been running the optional course, Intimate Relationship and Self-growth, for four years, believes guiding people through relationships is crucial to building their positive self-image. Wang believes the emotional problems faced by today's youngsters have to be seen in the larger context of a society in transition, pointing to changing attitudes in the choice of a spouse in recent decades. The overriding emphasis is on the position one occupies in society and the wealth one possesses.

The way out is to define "a set of up-to-date values for the 21st century", she adds. At one such forum held on April 16, writer Cui Manli, speaking to some CNU students, said they should not assess themselves based on others' value systems. A random survey of 92 post-graduate students conducted that day showed that He says the ultimate goal is to teach young adults about how to establish and maintain healthy personal relationships with everyone, and not just between lovers. The Peking University student Xiao Wei, one of Li's students, hopes the proposed course will help strengthen traditional values.

On the Internet there is a Chinese website for asexual singles. About 60 percent of the members are people who can not have sex. Most of the rest are gay people in search of opposite sex partners so they can put up a good front for family members. There is also a site for MBAsmarried but available. A popular site for elderly singles is the Mandarin Duck Garden. Rachel Dewoskin, Foreign Babes author One of the most popular television shows in China is a matchmaking program called We Meet Tonight , which is sort of a cross between the Dating Game and a talent show.

And they are bold because they have to be. Viewers are encouraged to write in for a date with contestants. Our record holder is a year-old woman who got more than letters. As of , 14 million Chinese used Internet dating sites, compared to 16 million in the United States and 10 million in India. Many expect this figure to grow rapidly as more than million Internet users are single and of marriageable age. Large American Internet dating sites like Match. But there are many challenges especially if one wants to make money.

Dating services that charge fees generally do not last long. That in turn prompted more of them to turn to online matchmakers for help. No longer is the face of such clients only that of a year-old bachelor or spinster; the average age of clients is now much lower.


In fact, those under 25 form a sizeable chunk of the singles market in China. Jiayuan - one of the country's largest online matchmaking firms - is no exception. It has close to 19 million active users under the age of 25, or Others, like Xiaoyuan Love - literally, 'Love on Campus' - gear their matchmaking services specifically to under-graduates and recent graduates. Eager to avoid becoming one of the country's sheng nan sheng nu, or "left-over men and women", many are looking for partners while they are still young. One reason is the intense competition for love.

The number of unmarried men is expected to exceed that of available women by 24 million in , according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. And, as more women earn college degrees, their demands increase. With strong self-esteem, she fought very hard for her future and gained a promising career and considerable income. However, she has not found a suitable boyfriend since her young romance ended in college. Due to the high platform of her company, she has worked with a number of elites and entrepreneurs in the finance sector, which makes her want to find someone as successful as them.

She has set up very high standards for her future husband, which few people can reach. Therefore, a decade later, she remains single. When talking about her marital status, she often pretends enjoying living on her own and sometime boasts herself as a "bachelorist," stressing that this is the lifestyle she wants. She uses it as a way to protect her pride. However, the reality is that she finds it too hard to find someone she likes at her age, and she has almost given up trying. Profession preferences in romance One of the interesting results found in the report is that one's marital status has a connection with some particular occupations.

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IT industry is found to have the most bachelors, followed by the manufacturing sector, while single females take over the highest proportion in sales and finance professions. Moreover, single women working in accounting, nursing and care, and personnel administration, enjoy the highest popularity in the marriage market, while men working as professional managers, financial planners and civil servants will receive the most olive branches.

When asked about profession preference in finding a date, many tell Metropolitan that economic income, stability and social status are the three key elements. The first two factors weigh more in single men, while the latter two are more valued in women. Staying single "There are only leftover women, but no leftover men," said Li. Li returned to Beijing for work after he finished his postgraduate degree in the UK. Most of his friends are highly educated and have well-paid jobs.


However, many of them remain single and ask him to help set them up on a date. He finds that women are more likely to become picky, and the high standard they set for their future partners are one of the barriers that keep them away from love. Compared with women, men seem more practical and are more likely to make compromise when finding a date.

He thinks the real problem lies in their interpretation on themselves, which makes them unfit for a date as charming as they expect, but unwilling for a less attractive choice. Zhang is a typical example.

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Moreover, the value system for a date is different for males and females. For many highly educated single women, they treat their professional achievement as a big selling point when dating. However, women in high-powered careers are not always the ideal candidate for some men.

To me, a female senior manager with considerable income that has a bad temper is valued much less than an ordinary librarian who is good-looking, gentle and considerate in nature," Li said. Trends for the growing number of unmarried people in China are based on age, location, income and job status. By He Keyao Source: IC "Do you have a girlfriend yet?