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There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at ftc. I think I am talking to the same guy now. Tells me his wife passed away during the birth of their 3rd child. Claims his name is Fred Mike Abbott.

US Army in Nigeria. Sadly, he lost his wallet just before we started chatting! I got a message from a Jessica Brooks Precious on face book. Stated saying she loved me and wanted to get married within one week.

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  4. The pics were gorgeous and younger then the stated age. Send my money to someone i don't know!!!! Sorry I'm not the one!!!!! I was contacted in the same way, using the same story except the son was in a boarding school in Atlanta. I google searched the photos and they belong to a doctor in Brazil who has a verified account. I have blocked this person and have also contacted the doc whose pix were stolen. I also reported it to Instagram.

    Your husband or boyfriend is not in the CIA or a Navy Seal

    Was his name Dr. He is using the photos of an actual doctor in Brazil!!! He is supposedly an Orthopedic surgeon with the UN. His wife and daughter were killed in a head on collision and died. Robert had to go to West Africa to complete an IT program. A taxi driver took him to the hotel but alas stole his computer and bag with his medication in it. Scott, the dad, said Robert was stranded in an unknown location. I have not heard from either of them My crisis was averted!!!! Charma and Hillary, I've just been talking to a guy who says he is a doctor working for the Doctors without Borders in Syria.

    Says he is widowed with a 9 year old girl in a boarding school in the UK. He says he is Dr.

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    The other has little info, and the picture is different. Sound familiar to either of you? Yeah he's a big fake. Fake Facebook someone else pic. Why does he need your money?

    Navy dating site free

    My online friends are the ones I know offline. He's a fake there's no kid. He's probably a scam guy in Nigeria. Drop him brake off all contact! Named Victor working in Syria. With 14 year old in boarding school. My mom had been talking to this guy named Jackson Williams and he is supposed to be stationed in Nigeria but know he is fake but he charmed her has anyone talked to him he claims he's from Nevada always asking for iTunes cards and Western Union money and will pay it when he comes.

    Yes There was one that said the same thing to me. He was from New York but in Syria.

    And his name was Scott Wilson. And he was a widow and a daughter that lived in Canada with grandparents. He wanted me to open a new account and he tried to wire money. Then when the bank daid it was fraud. He wanted to kill me. Threated me 3 times. What did this guys photos look like? I know someone who may be dealing with the same "Wilson". Did he send you a picture through Collage.

    I got one shortly after we started talking. I have proof that he bought something else from Collage. His wife died in a car accident 6 years ago.. Though he didnt asked for money.. I have just been talking to a Dr Donald Sam Andy who asked me to go on skype and WhatsApp From California serving as a medical doctor in Syria with a 14 year old son who is looked after by a nanny.

    I had a feeling that it was a scam so kept saying I have no money and lots of debt. I had a man named Larry Crawford friend request me on Facebook and we started talking. We Skype and he had me go to a messaging service called Viber.

    Dating a retired navy seal

    He says he is a Civil Engineer he did send me lots of pictures and calls me on Viber and his cell phone number comes up as New York number. He told me he loved about a month into out messages. He said he is in Dubai doing a project and was robbed and injured and said he needs to get meds. I was stupid and sent it but it was to a lady here in Kentucky.

    Awkward Things People Say To Soldiers

    So now he said in order to get home from Dubai since he was robbed and his bank cannot give him a new debit card until he gets back in the states he needs to get hospital bills paid and ticket to get home. I am hoping to do the reverse image tom when I have access to a computer. Sad I feel so much in love with him and he says all the right things but so just feel he is a scanner and I am not giving him any more money. I just do not know what to do to see if he is scammer or real. He threaten me many times when i didnt sent him money. He is in Malaysia studying but he is from Nigeria.

    He made me fall in love promise me happy marriage. Is a long story. I finally broke up with him and blocked him everywhere. I did met him in person i traveled to Malaysia many times. I cameback home USA i told him that i was going to report him with Malaysia police and Embassy he hasnt bother me again.

    I invested lots of money on this relationship. The last i heard he is going to Australia maybe scamming someone else. Donald Sam just tried to get me as well but, thankfully before I downloaded WhatsApp and before I gave him my number, I googled him first. He was too pushy for me so, I know he was up to something - and I told him that. I kept looking until I found this article with your comment. Good luck to you ladies and be careful. I was conned some registration fees and l got none but blocked on wattsup , that guy is from Nigeria , he used a Facebook account by the name Sharon Julie , told me she was from South Africa.

    I have been talking to Dr. He is a fake! Told me he had a son. I have been messaging with a guy on Facebook for about three weeks. He sems to look somewhat like John Williams and has just begun preparing to set me up to give him money.